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Featured Client: North Shore Animal League America

Directed comprehensive website redesign for world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption agency. Managed yearly budget and seasonal campaign development. Oversaw nationwide re-branding  campaign from "nsalamerica" to "the Animal League".  Increased site visitors by over 900% and gross web income 256% over 4 year period. Cuddled lots of puppies and kittens.

The Natural Evolution from "Web Marketing" to "Integral Web Marketing"


​I started with KUMA Interactive Marketing in 2002, when "internet marketing" was still a new term.  Search engine optimization (SEO) was only about 5 years old, and the founders of the company were working and following the first generation of cutting-edge "White Hat Search Gurus" such as Danny Sulliven, Jill Whalen and Bruce Clay. In those days, "web analytics" was even a new term, and the most important metric was traffic to the site. Among the best marketers, the message has always be "Content Is King" but in those early days most people were only interested in how many "hits" they were getting on their sites.​

The most important aspects in SEO, (and the basis of any website improvement) to increase your site "Relevance" and "Authority". This is done in two ways:​

  1. On-page optimization is really the first step to SEO improvement, creating “Relevance”. Optimizing your website (structure and content) to create the most relevant experience for your visitors - not just getting them to "hit" but getting them to "stick".
  2. Off-page SEO is about building inbound links from relevant websites, and generating “Authority”. This is done through building a strong network of social and multi-media campaigns, plus cross-channel integration and strong partner relationships.

    Today, everything is a bit more complex, but the fundamentals are still simple: Know your visitors. Develop content that is highly relevant to them. Position yourself as the authority in your field.

Email Campaign Development & Management / List-building & Membership Acquisition

In the days when mobile phones were new and smart phones were still a sci-fi discussion, email was the best way develop a broad and loyal following and so membership acquisition strategies and retention and loyalty became vitally important.

Now even with all the new social platforms, email is still one of the most powerful ways to stay in touch with your most loyal members, and a solid email membership base can still be your bread and butter.​

​Social Media Campaigns

Since 2005, the digital landscape has completely expanded to include Youtube and other social media platforms, integrated offline campaigns, the universe of mobile messaging and a level of complexity that extends far beyond just having a personal web site. Now more than ever, we are inseparable from our entire online presence -  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and new social media all become extended platforms for our business or personality.

And like it or not, social media is responsible for a new dimension of communication and as a whole has increased the trust factor on the web - and in our lives -  immeasurably. More than just the technology, it is the new meme of open communication and online trust that is now facilitating offline social movements (like Occupy and Couchsurfing) to bring people together in groups and face to face. It is also enabling new business models (like AirBnB and Zimride), who encourage people to open up their homes or cars to perfect strangers, whom we are now calling "friends". ​

Social Media is "Word of Mouth" on steroids, and it is one of the most important factors in developing your site authority.



Cross Channel & Multi-media Integration

The job of the web marketer today is more complex because of the ever-evolving landscape of online and offline media we have available to use. We have so many channels by which we can get site visitors (not just online inbound campaigns, but offline advertising, TV, etc), and the different types of specialized content which need to be created for each channel (video, social postings, tweets and pins, etc) are also expanding. ​While the scope this can be daunting, being a player in this technically expanded universe is truly amazing because it allows you to choose the ideal channels of communication between you and each segment of your audience.  ​

Now, the web is truly a web, catching and synthesizing information from an infinite number of sources.


Website / Campaign Reorganization & Development is the next step...

Conversion-based website redesign and landing page optimization ensures that once the visitor lands on your site, they are skillfully guided to a "conversion", which could be a purchase, a sign-up, or whatever key action you wish them to take. In order for conversion-based optimization to work, it is sometime necessary to do multiple versions of single landing pages, where layout, design and copy are tweaked and tested to determine best performance.

Good web design can no longer just be pretty - it must be intelligent, which means highly effective at guiding the user to a desired result.


User-centric based Navigational Restructuring and Content Organization ensures that the experience of the site visitor is smooth and intuitive, and they can find whatever they are looking for. This seemless user experience is still a rarity in the wild wild web, but the more effortlessly your visitors navigate your website and find what they are interested in, the more likely they will take the next step towards a deeper and long-lasting relationship with you and your site.

UX is the soft science of where man meets machine - the meld of psychology with technology.

Web Copy-writing follows a unique structure which gives the visitor immediate access to the content they came to find, but allows them to drill down deeper and thus self-identify their deeper interests and be lead to conversion. Today more than ever, to give your site relevance, it is critically important to create valuable content to keep your web pages fresh and updated, but it is also vitally important to be developing new content and link-backs for other social and multi-media channels, which will help to give your site relevance and authority, the essential ingredients for search engine optimization.

Content is (still) King.


Web Analytics and Digital Analytics

From the beginning of the web, we have had nerdy analysts studying weblog files to analyze traffic patterns and usage on your web site - basically measuring # of visitors, source, page views, and time on site. Web marketing analysts now expand upon that, studying traffic patterns and user behavior and conversion metrics, sometimes on a page by page basis in order to optimize for a particular campaign conversion. Today web analytics is increasingly called digital analytics because we are now analyzing traffic streams and behaviors from so many different sources! Not just search engines and partner sites, but from email campaigns and paid online advertising, from mobile and social media platforms, as now also from offline advertising such as TV and print.  Digital Analytics is the science of what is actually going on - on your site and with your audience - and it is the basis from which even the most creative campaign strategies should be developed and measured.

Digital Analytics is not one thing - it is where you start from, how you know where you are now, and how you plan where you are going to. It's everything.

Web Marketing Strategies bringing people


  • ​Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​
  • Paid Search Campaign Development (PPC)
  • ​Email Campaign Development & Management
  • List-building & Membership Acquisition
  • Loyalty & Retention Strategies
  • Social and Multi-media Campaigns
  • Cross-channel and Multi-media Integration

Website/Campaign Reorganization & Development ON YOUR SITE for GOOD USER EXPERIENCE & SITE RELEVANCE

  • Conversion-based Website Redesign
  • Conversion-based Landing Page Optimization
  • User-centric Navigational Restructuring
  • User-centric Content Organization
  • Web Copywriting
  • Web Analytics

My Integral Approach to Web Marketing...

A crucial part of any effective website design is a focused and fully integrated marketing strategy. I think of my web marketing process as Integral Web Marketing because it is all-inclusive. Unlike early web marketing efforts, most internet marketing strategies today are much more complex and go far beyond simply driving more traffic to a website. What visitors do when they are ON your site is just as important as how many people get TO it.

Making strategic changes to your website can have a huge impact on both the amount of traffic you attract, and what they do when they hit your site. Sometimes one little tweak - a simple reorganization of an online form or landing page can make a huge difference in effectively capturing or converting the traffic you are already getting...

Read more about my integral approach to web marketing >>



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