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 Integral : Helping small businesses and non-profit organizations integrate web marketing strategies.​

             Web:  Reaching new clients and constituents. Building loyalty and brand recognition.


                     Marketing:  Raising funds for good causes. Analyzing results.


Integral Web Marketing​

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My Integral Approach to Web Marketing...

A crucial part of any effective website design is a focused and fully integrated marketing strategy. I think of my web marketing process as Integral Web Marketing because it is all-inclusive. Unlike early web marketing efforts, most internet marketing strategies today are much more complex and go far beyond simply driving more traffic to a website. What visitors do when they are ON your site is just as important as how many people get TO it.

Making strategic changes to your website can have a huge impact on both the amount of traffic you attract, and what they do when they hit your site. Sometimes one little tweak - a simple reorganization of an online form or landing page can make a huge difference in effectively capturing or converting the traffic you are already getting. Sometimes it is necessary to add a few more search engine friendly landing pages or more copy to your homepage in order to make you more visible to search traffic. If your site is large and has been built upon for several years, a major overhaul might be necessary, including improvements to site architecture, design and coding. These improvements are called "on-site optimization" and they are the first and essential part of an effective integral marketing strategy.
Then, we go back to web marketing - using new and traditional methods of getting people TO your website. This now includes social networking, blogging, inbound cross-channel and multimedia campaigns, online advertizing, SEO, PPC and link strategies, all designed to attract interested visitors to your site.

Ultimately, you want to convert your site visitors into loyal customers or constituents. I believe this is the most important element of the entire process. It is more important than any other marketing "conversion" because once you have loyalty, you have created a living relationship between you and your customer/constituent and at that point, everything ratchets up another level. Not only are happy repeat customers your bread and butter, but at some point they also start considering themselves a part of your organization, and become your best advocates.

Developing an effective retention strategy can be done through responsible stewardship of your email/member base and loyalty incentives, but perhaps most importantly it is developed by listening to the needs and interests of your members. It is an invaluable relationship of trust cultivated over time.

Are you interested in what an Integral Web Marketing Strategy would be for you?

Let's set up a time to talk about your project. My first hour of consultation is always free, and together we can brainstorm your ideas and determine the scope of your needs. 

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